Simple, plan your date in advance follow the link below and select the branch, the date & time you’d like to visit and we will take care of the rest for you 

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Smart Casual, no hats only cowboy hats!

Check out or opening times before placing an order, make sure we are open and from the time you place your order until you receive your order it can take between 30-50 minutes depending on what you have ordered


Lets say you order a steak, because it takes longer to make you should expect to receive your order around the 45 minute mark.


Please bear in mind we will always aim to deliver your food within 40 mintues of receiving your order. 


Place your order by clicking this link

That depends on which branch you place your order with before you take a look below.. Did you know we also deliver to the city centre straight to your office door!


Leeds Road Branch (375 Leeds Road)

BD3 0

BD3 7

BD3 8

BD3 9

BD4 8


Pudsey Branch (548 Bradford Road)

LS28 6

LS28 7

LS28 8

LS28 9

Every time you purchase a meal over £10 you receive a point which you can claim a discount with on your next order or you can build up your points and use them all at once…


You can also choose to redeem these points within the branch should you wish..

This is only available within the branch. Each time you visit us you can get the card stamped


On Your 3rd Visit Get a FREE Starter

after the 3rd visit, you can pick an item off the menu to have for free alongside your meal (other options available)


On Your 6rd Visit Get a FREE Main

When you reach your 6th visit you get to choose another FREE ITEM OFF THE MENU in the mains section


After your 9th visit Get a FREE MEAL ON US

When you reach this you get a meal on the house!


The minimum order spend to get your card stamped is £15, one card can only be stamped per day per meal! If you have a gold card and you place an order online make sure you’re signed into your account when you place an order and the next time you come in show us to get your stamp!


You will also be part of our members club where you get all sorts of FREEBIES each month! Dont miss out and sign up below


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You will be happy, every time you book a birthday meal with us the birthday girl or boy gets to have a meal on the house!! 


Just don’t forget to bring in your ID card 

Yes, we do! We also give each child a FREE SCOOP of ice cream if they finish off all their food!!


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